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As promised my mini-break is over and I come back with new interesting stuff. 

My holidays were great and fun and relaxing. I highly recommend the Empuriabrava region in Catalunya, especially Begur and Pals. Wonderful nature and not overcrowed, prices are reasonable and you can meet very nice people and find a lot of beaches!

As I did not went far away from Barcelona and still got some days left I enjoyed also my Quarter- Gracia in Barcelona. Normally I do not like to mention in public how wonderful this part of Barcelona is, as the most wonderful miracle is that it is still not overcrowded by tourists or people in general. But also I am proud and want to inform you guys about nice stuff, right?

So on my stroll I bumped into that incredible funny store and gallery: Sho Bcn. I spent a lot of time inside & couldn' t believe the little art miracles inside. More tahn that the symphatic owner and collecionista Diana explained me so much things, about the pieces and I just have to say: I LOVE THIS KITSCH!

If you ever feel like you need a present for you, a friend, some art is missing or some genius other things are missing in your life, I feel pretty sure here inside you find what you are looking for! 

I got myself a book and a picture of a Wannabe Ramones- Sticker. I share it with you (see the picture on the right..)

Visit the shop online ( may be still under construction), but you could have a pre-look via that site: